SAMIM at a glance

With more than two decades of rich background in broadcast and media industry, Samim Engineering group is now a leading Iranian manufacturer of professional hardware and software used as Broadcast Infrastructure, Paging Systems and Media Business Automation Solutions. The company has been a major product supplier and service provider to IRIB (Iranian Broadcasting Organization) and also a creative solution designer helping companies to utilize the latest media, broadcast and communication technologies.
Since the establishment in the Spring 2000, Samim Group has designed, developed and manufactured over a hundred of product families in three major fields of
1) Broadcast Infrastructure
2) Intercom and Paging Systems
3) Media Business Management solutions
From the very first Samim product, which used for analog to digital signal conversion, the company has moved forward along with the latest technology standards in designing and manufacturing innovative product ranges like signal processors, distributors and convertors, IP transmitters, video production switchers, routers and control panels, multiviewers, professional satellite receivers and Remux, Intercome and paging systems, media and business automation systems, …

As the first and the largest Iranian knowledge enterprise in media and broadcast industry, Samim Group keeps up with the latest technology trends and provides the high-standard solutions and products to be marketed in all over the world. With more than 32000 sold devices and equipment to Iranian and International customers, Samim Group has led many large-scale projects for Iranian governmental, national and private sectors. CONTENT MARKET (iMAM), Audio Visual Monitoring System, Network Monitoring Systems (NMS), Studio and Industrial Intercom Systems, IP-TV Networks, Media Automation Systems and so on are some of the major projects have been planned and managed successfully by the company. Many of Samim Products and Solution have been deployed in more than one hundred of TV channels inside / outside the country. Moreover, many media providers and production studios, private corporations and large-scale companies have been using Samim solutions, Services and Technical support to enhance their production procedures and a productive digital asset management.


Samim Group Foundation as the first Iranian knowledge-based company in the field of professional broadcast Industry

Production of the 1st generation of Samim signal converters, beginning of IRIB broadcast Infrastructures digitization.

Introduction of Samim IPTV/OTT systems Production and provision of IRIB SD broadcast infrastructure equipment

Introduction of Samim iMAM (Integrated Media Asset Management) Production of HD broadcast infrastructure equipment for IRIB Deployment of Samim NMS (solution for signal monitoring and smart network management)

Production of Full HD broadcast infrastructure equipmentBeginning of IRIB Infrastructure HD upgrading process.

Introduction of Samim MBPMS (Media Business Process Management) for media automation and management Beginning of IRIB channels automation project

Introduction of new generation of live production management solutions (Samim Video Production Switchers) and Samim Industrial Intercoms for audio messaging over IP/Network

Production of Professional over-IP infrastructure equipment with 4k/8k signals supportAiming to target new global markets around the world

Why Samim

Customer Orientation
We understand customer needs and desires and pay respect to them. We create values and solve problems by offering quality products at good price, professional support and excellent services

Cooperation with the Best
We always employ best human resources of the country in order to develop professional working teams and to hand-over the experiences to the new staff for corporate efficiency

Cooperation with the largest
Samim works with large organizations and corporations around the country and the world with respect to cover their needs in media management and communications processes. Samim Group is the largest outsource company for IRIB with necessary competencies for working with other professional organizations and industries

Innovation and Simplification
Samim development and business success are the result of constant technological innovations and simplification in its solutions, products and services

Continuous Improvement
Samim has been trying to develop and expand through technology creativity and adjustment beside technical knowledge increase